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Frequently Ask Qustion

Yes, you will get a dedicated dealer. You will receive his name and number in the welcome kit, which we send you on your account opening. You simply have to call him and ask him to trade on your behalf.

1) Through the dedicated dealer provided to you [Offline Services]
2) By logging into any of the online products provided.

Our RM will assist you in taking those decisions. Also, we have excellent advisory services in place. The research reports will help you to take decisions on your own.

We do not send any calls or reports on your email ID. However, all our latest reports of this week have been listed on our website under the Research tab. You can visit our website www.NC Wealth.in and try our advisory for a week as you desire.

You can start with either, as all the information received via a dealer is also available on our technology platform. For all online trading, get the benefit of Rs. 15* flat brokerage per order (* for order value less than Rs.50,000, and Rs.30 for order value greater than Rs. 50,000.)

The trade is initiated by the dealer only with your consent. At Angel Broking, client trust is of utmost importance and we guard it safely. No trade will ever be made without your consent, but if it happens, we will reverse the entire trade immediately and very strict action will be taken against the dealer. You also have an option to send us your feedback/complaints on our website.

Be assured, we have enough number of dealers/RMs to cater to all our customers. Your dealer would happily attend to you all the time. If the RM is absent on any day, we do have backups to avoid customer inconvenience.

We maintain a standard level of training & certification for all our dealers. All our dealers are of equal and high calibre

You do not need to pay extra. We maintain a standard level of training & certification for all our dealers. All our dealers are of equal and high calibre. Any dealer assigned to you will provide a similar level of service like any other.

Yes, but most of the dealers are now being moved to a centralised location. Gradually, very few branches will have dealers sitting there.

Yes, you will get a dedicated dealer. You will receive his name and number in the welcome kit, which we send you on your account opening. You simply have to call him and ask him to trade on your behalf.

Following is the process of ECN activation for commodity segment:
1) An email with the prescribed format will be triggered to clients’ email IDs from NC Wealth.
2)The client will take a print of this email sent to him on his registered email address and self attest the same.
3) The ECN declaration form has to be filled in by the client.
4) All formats, together, need to be submitted to the respective NC Wealth Branch.

Yes, you will be charged for physical statements/contract notes.
We prefer electronic communication.

There is no account opening fee. However, there is an Annual Maintenance charge of 450/- and a onetime charge of 50/- for POA and 36/- for KRA along with applicable service tax. AMC charge is waived off for one year, 2 years and 3 years respectively for margin payments of 25000/- to 49999/-, 50000/- to 99999/- and more than 1 lakh respectively.

We only charge AMC on an annual basis.

You would be charged Annual maintenance charges for your demat account. No brokerage will be charged

ARQ is an intelligent and predictive investment engine powered by machine learning, cutting-edge cognitive technology, and expert insights.

As a part of ARQ Stock Advisory, you will receive recommendations to buy the top 3 stocks by SMS notification. These 3 stocks are selected from a universe of high-quality fundamental stocks. These stock recommendations are updated daily, so you must make sure to buy the 3 stocks which are recommended as the top buys on the day you choose to invest.

ARQ offers recommendations for Mutual Funds (Lumpsum & SIP) and Equity Stocks.

There are different slabs available, and this depends on the margin amount provided.

AFPL (provide full form) charges 18% interest on this loan to the investor, on the actual ledger from the T+2 day (it is computed on a daily basis but is levied monthly).

It is observed that investors need a minimum of Rs 10k to build a proper portfolio of good stocks, to begin with, in the stock markets.

The cash back is credited as prepaid brokerage to your account and is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of your account activation.

Virtual Account is a facility with which you can effortlessly transfer funds from your bank.

Yes, you can invest in IPO’s / Mutual Fund / Insurance through the same product.

A. All clients can apply in IPO only through ASBA mode (Application supported by Blocked Amount).
B. Clients cannot apply online through Angel-EYE since client signature is required on the IPO forms.

The client just needs to submit signed ASBA application form which is pre filled with application details. No need to provide cheque. Funds would be blocked in the bank account mentioned in the form. Funds would get released if shares are not allotted.

Yes, you can; but we would not recommend doing so as the software is very costly [Approx 15Lac] and also you will be able to trade only on BSE and no other exchanges, which is a disadvantage

Equity is a part of a company, also known as stock or share. When you buy shares of a company, you basically own a part of that company. A company`s stockholders or shareholders all have equity in the company, or own a fractional portion of the whole company. They buy the shares because they expect to earn profit when the company profits

Your information needed is in accordance with the regulatory requirements for account opening.

SEBI requires us to maintain record of clients registered for stock trading in their database. This database simplify your account opening process by accessing your data whenever you validate your PAN card.

You can edit the details backing them with valid documents as required. We will then update your details in the database

AADHAR is the universal identity number for Indian citizens issued by the government. Validating AADHAR details will help facilitate your application process faster with minimal documentation.

We need a personalised cancelled cheque to capture all the relevant bank account details to link with your trading account for seamless fund transfer facility.

Yes, you will get a copy of your account opening application in your online login .

To convert your account from Offline to Online portal, please fill the application for Internet trading and Mobile trading or you can mark a request through our website www.ncwealth.in Online trading.

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