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Financial Planning

Do you want to hold a slice of a profitable business? It is even simpler than buying

a pizza. Equity shares provide you an opportunity to own a few shares of a business. You can expect your investment to grow as the business grows.

Equity trading is beneficial for both companies and individuals. Most companies issue equity shares to raise money from the general public and institutions. This is to ensure that they don't have to raise heavy loans from banks or other financial brokers. At the same time, the companies provide everyone a platform to support their growth. You can buy the equity shares of the company you like, as an investment. This way you will get to enjoy a part of their profits while being a customer and investor of your favorite brand.


Our Sole Purpose is to Simplify investing for you and provide long term Values to our Customer's, with suitable Trading solutions

"Shares are the most Commonly known form of investment in the world. It gives you part of ownership or share in Business. An equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding or trading of shares to gain income from daily price movements, dividends and capital gains, as the value of the stock moves. The tenure of investors varies from few minutes (for day Trader's/ arbitrageurs-Short term) to multiple years (for long term investors). In today’s equity markets provide modern, fully computerized trading systems designed to offer investors to invest in easier way"

At NC Wealth, We provide Quality of services whose functions is beyond mere execution of Buying & Selling. Our Wide range of daily, weekly and special Research reports with in-depth analysis on markets Wide array of products including Technical, Fundamental, Derivatives, Macroeconomic and Mutual Fund research undertaken by Expert Sector Analysts with professional industry experience helps you assimilate massive amount of Information.

Financial Investigation

Our experienced trading consultants and advanced trading tools will provide the support you need to achieve your long-term and medium terms goals via the stock markets.

Research Analysis

We understands the importance of providing quality and timely research to enable the clients to make informed decisions. Pride group have a strong Equity, Commodities and Currency Research Team with cumulative experience of more than 15 years in Fundamental, Quantitative, Derivative and Technical Research. Analysts give recommendations and prepare reports after analyzing Macro-Economics, Fundamentals, Technical’s and Sentiments of Markets.
financial investigation

We Provide Best

Financial Plan for You

India is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The country has tremendous scope for growth with ample of wealth creation opportunities. Investing in equity trading can be a big step in the journey from being a developing economy to a developed one. Trading in equity shares has emerged as the best asset class. It not only beats inflation but also generates maximum returns. You can exercise equity trading through cash and F&O segment. Let’s understand 'How to enter the equity market?'


We offer comprehensive advisory service for direct equity investments wherein we study the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and then recommended and monitored.

Your dedicated Investment Advisor will work with you to take full advantage of every investment opportunity that arises in today’s dynamic and increasingly complex investment environment. We also ensure that you are kept fully informed on emerging trends and factors that can impact your investments.

A few features of this service are –

Portfolio design based on risk profile
Fundamentals based research calls
Trading/delivery calls based on technical analysis of NIFTY, SENSEX and individual stocks
Timely entries and exits
Maintaining and utilizing cash allocation
Aggressive day trading calls as per client requirements
Optimum balance across different sectors
Regular portfolio updates
Managing existing equity portfolio
Dedicated investment advisor
Online portfolio updates
financial investigation

Frequently Ask Qustion

Money is a need in today's environment and everybody has a varied income level. Whatever is earned is partly spent and partly saved for meeting future expenses. Instead of keeping the savings idle an individual uses the savings in order to get return on it in the future and mitigate inflation to some extent. This is called Investment

Equities are pieces of a company, also known as "stocks or shares". When you buy shares of a company, you're basically purchasing an ownership interest in that company.

A company's stockholders or shareholders all have equity in the company, or own a fractional portion of the whole company. They buy the shares because they expect to profit when the company profits. Companies issue two basic types of shares: equity and preference shares.

Shares define the portion of investment an investor has made in a particular company at a given price. The total equity capital of a company is divided into equal units of small denominations, each called a share. The holders of such shares are members of the company and have voting rights

Equity share ownership in a public company offers many benefits to investors. The following are some of its main advantages :
Capital appreciation
Voting privileges
Marketability - shares can easily be bought or sold
Dividend tax credit and capital gains tax
There are also a few drawbacks to owning equity shares. Although part owner of the business, common shareholders are in a relatively weak position, as senior creditors, bond holders and preferred shareholders all have prior claims on the earnings and assets of a company. While interest payments are guaranteed to bond holders, dividends are payable to shareholders at the discretion of the directors of a company.

The nominal or stated amount in (Rs.) assigned to a security by the issuer. For shares, it is the original cost of the stock shown on the certificate. For an equity share, the face value is usually a very small amount (Rs.5, Rs.10) and is a small contributor on the price of the share, which may quote higher in the market, at (Rs.) 100 or (Rs.) 1000 or any other price.

Under the overall supervision of the regulatory authority, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the stock exchanges in India provide a trading platform, where buyers and sellers can meet to transact in securities. The trading platform provided by BSE & NSE is an electronic one and there is no need for buyers and sellers to meet at a physical location to trade. The trade is done through the computerized trading screens or internet based trading facilities available and provided by the trading members.

The answer to this question is a definite yes.
It has been seen that over the years there has been no financial instrument which has given returns as high as the stock markets.

The only important factor to be kept in mind is that investment should always be made with an objective in mind and we should not be too greedy while investing.
On the other hand, as inflation has fallen over the last couple of decades so have the returns available from basic savings accounts. In fact, many instant access accounts no longer keep pace with inflation at all. Leaving your money in such an account now actually means it is falling in value!

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How to invest in Equity?

Equity investment can be made for long term or you can carry out daily trade to make profits resulting from market fluctuations. What you require to start is a valid demat account with Trading and Depository account with recognized broker like NC Wealth Solutions Pvt Ltd . Trading is now simpler with us. Here, you can derive both the services like that of a well-established broker and a depository participant. Given below are the ways, how you can start investing in equity.

Online – On your desktop through different trading platforms

Call-n-Trade (for online trading clients)

Contact or visit your nearest branch office to place your orders.